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We have 6 puppies left available that are waiting for a good home
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Here at Liberty Labradors you can be assured that you will be getting the best pure bread hunting dog, therapy/service dog, or just simply a family friend around. When you get one of Mrs. Sandra Bates' dogs you can be sure that the training time will be half that of any other Labrador. She breeds multiple colors of Labs, and NO "designer" dogs, and all of them are bred to be more docile than most other Labs that you will find.

Mrs. Sandra Bates has been breeding british style labs for 30+ years and has never had a dog placed in a home that was not right for it. Every family that visits her kennel and received a dog, has walked away very happy. If you are wondering what a British style lab is, then just think of Marley from the movie Marley & Me, he was a Cream British lab.

Liberty Labradors gives every dog a lifetime guarantee to be free from any genetic diseases and hip displacia. Before any puppy is sent to a new home they are checked by a vet (at no additional expense to the new family), their dew claws are removed, and they are given their first set of shots. Mrs. Sandra Bates also keeps the parents on site except in a few, very rare cases where she hires out a sire. To see the Sires and Dames click here, or go to the picture page.